20 low cost things to do this summer - Part 2

20low cost change

number1        Make a kite

number1        Water Fight

number1        Visit the library

number1        Ice lollies

number1        Puppet Show

number1        Head to seaside

number1        Get Arty

number1        Get musical

number1        Play board games

number1        Make a comic

You need a couple of short pieces of stick, material (even an old carrier bag) and some string.



Just make sure it’s a hot day, everyone knows they’re playing, and you’re outside!


 Ideal on a rainy day and many libraries run summer events for free.



Make you're own ice lollies. Grab some moulds, choose a juice to pour in and pop them in the freezer! 


Create a shadow puppet show. All you need is a cardboard box, tissue paper, sticky tape, large torch and a table. 


It doesn’t have to be a sandy beach. A day out at Kimmeridge can be just as fun.


Brighten up your bedroom with some new pictures.


Make your own musical instrument. Take a yoghurt pot and make a shaker using dried beans – or a mini guitar using rubber bands.


Dig out the games you last played at Christmas.



Using the camera on a mobile phone, act out an action hero story and print out your very own comic.