20 low cost ideas to do this Summer!

20low cost change

number1         Mystery Trail

number2         Cakes

number3        Camp out

number1        Pick out a DVD

number1        Magic trick

number1        Go to the park!

number1        Get Planting

number1        Play Golf

number1        I-Spy

number1        Get Crafty

Create a mystery trail with clues, riddles and rhymes – around the garden for the little ones, or further afield (supervised) for the older children in the family.

 These don’t have to be worthy of Mary Berry’s approval! Simple cornflake cakes can be the best – and the most fun to make.

Put the tent up in the garden and camp out for the evening. Even better, pitch it in the grandparents’ garden! (of course, make sure the garden is safe and secure)

 Buy some pound shop accessories to theme it. Make some popcorn from scratch. And enjoy.


Learn a magic trick! All you need is a deck of cards.


Force yourself out of your pyjamas and head to the park at 9am on a Sunday. Quite often you’ll be the only family there and won’t be fighting over the rides!


Buy a pack of seeds and nurture your plant into bloom over the holidays.


Make your own mini golf. You can use old guttering, empty toilet rolls, anything.

On long car journeys, nothing beats a bit of I-Spy.


Make a dolls house out of an old cereal box. Or if you prefer, a piñata – loaded with loads of treats – and hung from a door frame.