24 Things You Know If You're From Weymouth

24 things about weymouth


You remember Ivor and Pat, and probably had a conversation with Ivor that would have started with him shouting across the street “Madam” or “Sir”, he would then tell you the day’s news, or who had recently passed on.

A night out years ago would have included visiting the Malibu, Pickwick Club, Pleasure Dome at Bowleaze, the Cats Whiskers or the Steering Wheel.


24 things about weymouth article

Everybody has a theory about why the White Horse is pointing away from Weymouth passed down from generation to generation. It is actually believed to be King George the 3rd riding away from the town and was first cut into the chalky downland in 1808.


24 things about weymouth article

Every summer starts with an ice cream from Rossi’s.

You’ll know a true Weymouthian as they will be wearing shorts at the first glimpse of sunshine, even if it is mid-February.

You may have shared a first date at the flea pit, an affectionate term given the to the former Picturedrome cinema in Gloucester street.


24 things about weymouth article

You will know how to react when you hear the words “Stand clear of the barrier” bellow over the Weymouth harbour tannoy system.


24 things about weymouth article

You’ll know you had a good night if you completed the Park Street Shuffle.


24 things about weymouth article

Had to defend with everything you have your portion of Fish N Chips from the Seagulls.

Remember a generation talk fondly of holiday makers that use to book time in Weymouth around an appearance by “Jumpin Jimmy Thunder”.

Always abbreviated the Pavilion as “The Pav” or “Pavvy”, Alexandra gardens as “Ally gardens” and the former John Menzies in St Thomas street was simply known as “Menzies”.

Probably bought your first record or got your ear’s pierced at Austin's on the seafront.

You’ll remember 20p boat trips across the harbour in the rowing boat with the skipper singing as you passed from one side to another.

Sitting on the steps of the indoor market in Bond street now known as New Bond street before millennium square was built.

Had a trip to Upwey wishing well and thought that it was a bit spooky.


24 things about weymouth article

Stood on the scales in the public toilets on the corner at St Edmund street.

Heard a bang and stopped whatever you were doing to wait for a second that confirmed the lifeboat was going out.

Know that the familiar rumble on the harbour was the condor ready to set off.

Know all the best places to see the Red Arrows on carnival day (We recommend the Nothe, or Greenhill gardens.

Would refer to the former Weymouth and district hospital as “Weymouth and risk it”.

Remembers the Swan Pedalos on Radipole Lake by Noah’s Ark Amusements.

Got excited at the thought of visiting Portland Fair.


24 things about weymouth article

Know to stand to one side when you hear the bell of the land train in the distance on Weymouth seafront.

Having a strong opinion on the best part of the beach to sit on. The pebbles or sand.