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The Wessex 360 Podcast

The Wessex 360 Podcast

Wessex FM is the number one provider of relevant local content in the area across a variety of different platforms including radio, mobile and the internet. We are now a multimedia communications platform in every sense of the phrase with the launch of Wessex 360. Our aim is to deliver results-driven campaigns using the best platforms for your business. Which is why we created the Wessex 360 podcast, a monthly collection of conversations with local business leaders and influencers, offering actionable ideas and tips, often from experts in the digital world. If you have a good news story, or advice to share, we’d love to get you on the podcast. Get in touch at the bottom of this page.

Episode 5

In this month's podcast, Rick talks to Vanessa Ugatti on charging your 'True Worth' and Bev Hepting 'The Message Maestro' on confident public speaking. Find out more at and & - and as always, follow us @360wessex – and if you’d like to appear on a future episode, get in touch.

Episode 4

In this month’s podcast, Rick talks to Steve Kilcoyne from Top Gear Bridport about R&D investment, Brexit and the original Stig. Plus, local businessman, Carl Mintern on a new venture that’s somewhat different to anything he’s done before (and how you can get involved!). As always, follow us @360wessex – and if you’d like to appear on a future episode, get in touch.

Episode 3

In the latest episode, the third and final part of our website tips from Alex Smith of Nettl Weymouth ( Plus there’s a fascinating chat with Craig Oakes from Oakes Insure (and he won’t mind us saying that most people expect insurance to be boring – this conversation definitely isn’t!). Find Craig at And the importance of an eagle’s eye view when it comes to your business from Dawn Crossingham at D52 Ltd. Find Dawn’s ‘toolkit’ at

Episode 2

This month we talk property, bring you our regular website tips and explore how internet security is changing. In this episode, Rick chats to Polly Greenway from DOMVS estate agents about the 2018 property market, reaching out beyond Dorset and an opportunity if you’re looking at developing your land or property. Find DOMVS at James Bull from explains how one click on an unexpected email can cause problems for your company (and what you can do about it) and the benefits of apprentices. Plus, Alex Smith from Nettl Weymouth ( has more tips for successful web presence.

Episode 1

A bit of bitcoin, successful women, the web and Wessex. In this episode, Rick chats to: Gill Donnell MBE from Successful Women about her route to the top and the exciting 2018 conference and awards. Find out more at Paul Appleby from talks bitcoin and explains crypto currency! Alex Smith from Nettl Weymouth ( who has three tips for successful web presence.


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