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school of the week


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School of The Week 19/20

School of The Week 19/20

School of The Week can be heard on weekday mornings at 7.35 on Carl Ashwin In The Morning and again on Drivetime and on The Evening Show.

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Bovington Academy.

What an incredibly well mannered bunch at Bovington Academy.....except for when it comes to the subject of eating Steak or Pumpkins!

Cheselborne Village School.

The smallest school in Dorset, possible the South West!

Dunbury Academy.

For this week, it's a drive to Winterborne Whitchurch to see the pupils at Dunbury Academy.

Bincombe Valley Primary School.

Always intelligent and fun with some great answers. My latest visit to Bincombe Valley Primary School.

Atlantic Academy, Portland.

One school I always look forward to visiting. The students are always so positive and fun.

Prince of Wales School.

A pet Raptor and having Jeremy Kyle round for Tea. It's an interesting start to a new school year!