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School of The Week 18/19

School of The Week 18/19

School of The Week can be heard on weekday mornings at 7.35 on Carl Ashwin In The Morning and at 16:10 on weekday afternoons on Drivetime with James O'Neill.

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37. St Michael's Primary School

And in the blink of an eye, I'm visiting my final school of the academic year and making a trip to Lyme Regis to visit St Michael's Primary School before the Summer Hols.

36. Thorners Primary School.

I was delighted to finally get a chance to visit this beautiful village school with a fab group of pupils full of interesting answers.

35. Radipole Primary School.

They may not find it easy to describe themselves but their classmates are quick to help out! It's the pupils from Radipole Primary School.

34. Buckland Newton Primary School.

A trip to Buckland Newton to talk about celebrity tea guests, time travel and becoming the next Prime Minister!

33. Sunninghill Prep School.

Good manners and a beautiful interior that will excite any young Harry Potter fan into wanting to come to this school, I sat down to chat with a fun group from Sunninghill Prep School.

32. Beechcroft St Paul's.

This week we play Guess The Movie and discover how popular the Nintendo Switch really is.

31. St Nicholas & St Laurence Primary School.

Olly Murs is popular choice for celebrity tea guests and dreams about Dad can be surprising!

30. Beaminster St Mary's Academy.

A school that never fails to deliver plenty of interesting and "bonkers" answers....and lots of laughs.

29. Symondsbury Primary School.

A sandwich made of sweets, having Ronaldo round for Tea and a game about Movies - It's the pupils at Symondsbury Primary School.

28. Loders Primary School.

The Sun for a Sandwich filling? Plenty of laughs with the fun rascals at Loders Primary School.