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Looking for the 17/18 School Of The Week? Find it HERE.


School of The Week 18/19

School of The Week 18/19

School of The Week can be heard on weekday mornings at 7.35 on Carl Ashwin In The Morning and at 16:10 on weekday afternoons on Drivetime with James O'Neill.

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30. Beaminster St Mary's Academy.

A school that never fails to deliver plenty of interesting and "bonkers" answers....and lots of laughs.

29. Symondsbury Primary School.

A sandwich made of sweets, having Ronaldo round for Tea and a game about Movies - It's the pupils at Symondsbury Primary School.

28. Loders Primary School.

The Sun for a Sandwich filling? Plenty of laughs with the fun rascals at Loders Primary School.

27. Marshwood Academy.

Right on the border this week with plenty of laughs and a brother and sister in the same class who annoy each other!

26. St George's Primary School.

My first trip to this school and I'm really pleased I visited to chat with an intelligent and fun group.

25. St Andrews, Weymouth.

Loads of fun with the pupils at this great school. Always a pleasure to visit.

24. Conifers Primary School.

If you can get them giggling, sometimes they just don't stop. A brilliant visit to Conifers Primary School.

23. Bovington Primary School.

Adults! Be aware that young people can't handle all the questions. It's the pupils from Bovington Primary School.

22. Bridport Primary School.

Lots of fun and laughs with the pupils at Bridport Primary School.

21. St Mary's First School, Charminster.

In a week such as this, we had to get their opinion on Brexit!

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