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Goldcrest, Dorchester

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Looking for the 17/18 School Of The Week? Find it HERE.


School of The Week 18/19

School of The Week 18/19

School of The Week can be heard on weekday mornings at 7.35 on Carl Ashwin In The Morning and at 16:10 on weekday afternoons on Drivetime with James O'Neill.

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23. Bovington Primary School.

Adults! Be aware that young people can't handle all the questions. It's the pupils from Bovington Primary School.

22. Bridport Primary School.

Lots of fun and laughs with the pupils at Bridport Primary School.

21. St Mary's First School, Charminster.

In a week such as this, we had to get their opinion on Brexit!

20. St John's Primary School.

A Paella cooking school boy, a need for Chinese food and a trip to L.A and Hawaii. Yep, that's everything covered in this visit.

19.Cerne Abbas First School.

Some zany answers and surreal humour from a brilliant bunch of children at Cerne Abbas First School.

18. Manor Park First School.

Ahead of a week where the school focusses on mental health for pupils and parents, I stopped by to chat to the kids at Manor Park First School in Dorchester.

17. Bincombe Valley Primary School.

Teachers that play Air Guitar, bossy siblings and an entire Wessex FM show dedicated to gaming.

16. Dunbury Academy.

My first School Of The Week from the pupils at Dunbury Academy. We established that boys are still naughtier than girls and the Dr Who joke is still popular!

15. The Prince of Wales School.

Annoying Brothers (and Sisters) and cars made of solid Gold! It's my first visit for 2019 to The of Wales School, Dorchester.

14. Piddle Valley First School.

My first School Of The Week for 2019 and my first visit to this school. The kids were brilliant. I'll definitely be going back!

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