Carl Ashwin

carl ashwin profileFind me on Saturday mornings 8AM-1PM and the Sunday afternoons between 1-5 PM.

About Me 

Hi! I hail from the Midlands and moved to this beautiful county as a child. I love music and have played piano since the age of 6.  Outside of Wessex FM I shower care and attention on my partner, love a good cheeseburger and a glass or two of good port!

My Favourite Place In Dorset

A very tricky question to answer given the sheer choice there is available! I think the end of the Pier in Weymouth is my place. It's a great thinking and reflecting place and offers a beautiful summer view both alone and with someone.

Why do I love being part of the Wessex FM team?

Wessex FM are such a strong and supportive team and the listeners seem to love the station as much as we that work for it do. What more can you ask for in a workplace?

My Top Three

1. Great Good Fine OK - Shapeshifting
2. The 1975 - She's American
3. Arthur Deep - Remember The Summer (Dinka Remix)

Carl Ashwin In The Morning

It's Never Too Late!

Carl has resolved to pick up where he left off on his driving lessons (from 20 years ago!). Follow his adventures, his encounters with his arch nemesis 'Roundabouts' and find out about the zen like calmness and the sheer nerves of steel of Instructor Man.

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