Kieran Williams

Kieran Williams Presenter Page 2017

About Me

Born & educated in the county town, I started on the hospital radio station Ridgeway Radio at Dorset County Hospital and still support the wonderful work they do! I had a list as long as my arm of the jobs I wanted to do when I was younger... however my voice set me to work at my local radio station.

My Favourite Place In Dorset

I love Portland Bill. You’re at the very edge of our county, by yourself on your own island with beautiful views across the water.

My Top Three

1. Bruce Hornsby & The Range - That's The Way It Is
2. Calum Scott (Tiesto Remix) - Dancing on My Own
3. McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now

Might be worth keeping an eye on this list as Kieran's top 3 changes as often as his shirt and tie combo's!

Why do I love being part of the Wessex FM team?

It’s great be part of such a wonderful team who are all very fun, open, and honest… it’s like a small family and it's my 'local'!

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The Night Shift

Some of us love working in the moonlight, Kieran is no exception! It’s quiet, calm and even romantic if the moon is out!

Some people at this time are either making the kids packed lunches, relaxing in the bath or surfing the tinterweb! But there are a number of people around the County that are working! So in order to reward these folks who are up at work during these unsociable hours, Kieran wants you to be part of the Wessex FM Nightshift! Do you work late in the night? Do you listen to Wessex FM whilst on your night shift?

Let us know below and be part of this exclusive club! Never before have late night workers in Dorset been so valued!!

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