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Hello Beckham, Goodbye Maria

26th June 2015

Well, what a week that was!

It's been a busy one at Wessex FM HQ for me, starting with a weekend where we had the Wessex FM Summer Party, Wool Carnival, and then Dorchester Carnival all within the space of 24 hours!

On Wednesday morning, I had a message sent to the studio telling me that global superstar David Beckham was having breakfast in Morrison's Weymouth store.  Surely not true?  But the rumours continued to circulate that he was, in fact, in town and had gone on a fishing trip with his eldest son Brooklyn.

Beckham Weymouth

So, thanks to a few contacts, I discovered the boat he was on and what time he was heading back into the harbour.  As I waited, a crowd gathered, becoming more excited when his boat docked, and he disembarked.  I would have thought a couple of 'heavies' may have cleared a path through the crowd for him, but no!  He zigzagged his way through the fans, and stopped for many selfies and photos.  He eventually got to his car and drove away.  It was ten minutes of madness, and I reported in live to Drivetime, interviewing a group of teenage girls who were literally shaking at the experience!

See all the photos here

Finally, today was a sad day at Wessex FM, as it was Maria Greenwood's final day before leaving to give birth to her first baby.  She will return in the New Year, and we wish her all the very best.

maria flowers

There were plenty of tears this morning as I surprised her on the Breakfast Show with phone calls and messages.

Many thanks to local musician Jack Daniels, who joined us on the phone for Birthday Stars!  At the start of the year, he said that for every celebrity birthday Maria guessed correctly, he'd donate £1 to the Steve Charles Help A Friend Fund.  This morning the total stood at £30, but thanks to some fun and games, that rose to £100!  Well done Jack for his generosity.

Find out more about the Steve Charles Help A Friend Fund.


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