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May 2015

The pirates are coming back to Weymouth

27th May 2015

We normally associate panto with Christmas time, but last year Weymouth Pavilion played host to it's first ever summer pantomime, and it's back this July and August!

Pirates of the Pavilion was a huge hit, and is now back with a new show, more performances, a great cast, and I went to meet some of the cast and crew - listen below.

Click here to find out how to grab your tickets

pirates of the pavilion


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Amelia's Rally make it to Amelia

22nd May 2015

Well done to the guys on Amelia's Rally, who drove from Dorset to Amelia in Italy and home again this week, all for the Amelia Grace Rainbow Fund.

It's been great keeping up with them on the Breakfast Show this week, and they should be home this evening.  Carl Bunter from L Of a Car in Dorchester told us they had raised almost £10,000 for the charity, which helps very ill children and their families in Dorset.

Click here to find out more

amelias rally in amelia

Carl Bunter from L Of A Car and Ben from Maiden Castle Garage in Amelia, Italy, on Amelia's Rally

We'll catch up with them for the final time next week to find out their final total and to reveal the winner of the competition to guess how much the taxi fare was on the Weyline Taxi meter!


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Sophie's swimming challenge

22nd May 2015

This morning on the show, I spoke to 14 year old Sophie Moore, who is spending most of her half term break in the swimming pool!

She's swimming the equivalent distance of a circuit around the Isle of Wight, raising money for Breast cancer - see her fundraising page here.

Take a listen here:

SophieMoore poster


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Calling All Saints leavers of 1995

21st May 2015

Did you go leave All Saints School in Wyke Regis in 1995?  Can you believe that was TWENTY years ago?

There's a big reunion planned - if you want to find out more and go along, visit their Facebook page or email Claire on

All Saints Class of 95

Listen to my chat with Claire here:



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Did you leave Weymouth Grammar School in 1985

20th May 2015

This morning I spoke to Leah Howell, who is organising a thirtieth anniversary reunion for the leavers of Weymouth Grammar School of 1985!

You can check out out their Facebook page here

weymouth grammer 85 leavers

Listen to my chat with Leah here:



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Lulu on the show!

19th May 2015

It was great speaking to the legendary Lulu on the phone this morning!


She's on tour at the moment, and plays at Bournemouth Pavilion next Tuesday, 26th May.

Take a listen here:



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Amelia's Rally - win a full valet, MOT and service for your motor!

18th May 2015

All this week on the show, we're keeping up to date with the progress of Amelia's Rally, running from Dorset to Amelia in Italy and back again, for the Amelia Grace Rainbow Fund.

And you can get involved too!  Team members Carl and Ben have a Weyline Taxis meter fitted in their car, and you need to guess what the total fare will be at the end of the 3000 mile round trip!

If you're the closest, you win a full valet for your car from L Of A Car in Dorchester, an annual service from Maiden Castle Garage, and MOT from Martin Motors!

We spoke to Carl on the show this morning - they'd reached Basel in Switzerland and the meter was on £1310!  Text your guess on the final total: text WESSEX RALLY followed by your full name and guess to 81222.  Texts are charged at standard network rates and the competition is open until the end of Friday 22nd May.

Good luck!

amelias rally 2

Ben from Maiden Castle Garage is called into action to fix on of the cars taking part in the rally - all of which are valued at less than £500!

Listen again to this morning's call from Carl in Switzerland:


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Follow Amelia's Rally on the show all this week - and be a winner!

17th May 2015

All this week on the Wessex FM Breakfast Show, we'll be following the progress of Amelia's Rally, which runs from Dorset to Amelia in Italy and back again, raising money for the Amelia Grace Rainbow Fund - a Dorset charity.

Carl Bunter from L Of A Car in Dorchester will be on the show each morning to tell us about their progress.  He's in the car with Ben from Maiden Castle Garage (which is a good job as all five cars taking part have to be worth no more than £500!)

There's also a chance for you to win a full valet for your own car from L Of A Car, an annual service from Maiden Castle Garage, and an MOT from Martin Motors.  Carl and Ben have had a meter installed in their car from Weyline Taxis, and you need to guess how much the fare for their journey would cost!  Listen all this week to find out how to enter.

amelias rally

Hear my chat with Carl here, talking about the rally, and what the charity does:

  Keep up with the guys this week on the show, and the best of luck to them!


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The Top Seven Tips for Exam Success

14th May 2015

Have you or your kids got exams over the next couple of months?


We've got the ultimate revision guide from Katie Taylor, Head of Year 13 at Thomas Hardye School in Dorchester.  Take a listen here:



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Comedy legend Jasper Carrott on the show

13th May 2015

Recently I spoke to one of my comedy heroes, Jasper Carrott, who appears this Friday at Weymouth Pavilion as part of his Stand Up & Rock tour.

jasper carrott

Find out how to get tickets

Listen here to my full chat with Jasper:



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Setting up a new charity in Dorset

12th May 2015

It must be difficult setting up a brand new charity - there are so many about, all wanting our time and our money.  But I spotted this lot at the Dorchester Lions Fun Run on Sunday, and didn't know anything about their charity KDUK.

kd uk team

They're aiming to raise money and awareness for a rare condition called Kennedy's Disease, so I had a chat with Kate Hopps about it on the Breakfast Show this morning:


You can find out more on their Facebook page.


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What we learnt on the show this morning...

11th May 2015

This morning on the Wessex FM Breakfast Show, we discovered that:

Saxon Stableford won the 'Find The Face Of Robin James' contest with Wessex FM ... Charlotte Church has challenged Katie Hopkins to a celebrity boxing match after the pair argued on Twitter at the weekend (I know who I'd be supporting!) ... Prince Harry says he's ready to settle down and have children with someone he can 'share the pressure with' (ladies of Dorset  - would you?) ... Jeremy Paxman is 65 today ... S Club 7 are in Dorset today to play at the BIC ... and George Clooney is a Derby County fan (really?)

If you're doing something interesting or fun in Dorset, let me know - I'd love to get you on the show.  Contact me here.


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Dorchester Lions 10k and 2k Fun Run 2015

10th May 2015

Well done to all the participants who took part in the Dorchester Lions event this year, raising loads of cash for a host of different charities.

I went along to report live, and cheer on the runners!

See more pictures here


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Get your dancing shoes on for Weldmar Hospice - that means you too, fellas!

8th May 2015

This morning we spoke to reigning champions of the Weldmar Hospice event Strictly Ballroom - Katie and Lloyd - which I also took part in!

strictly ballroom winners

They're on the lookout for local people to sign up for this year.  You don't need any experience, and you don't even need a partner as you'll be paired with another dancer during the lessons.

Chaps - you're needed too!  Don't be shy!  Believe me, you'll have a great time. 

Click here to find out more about signing up, and what's required.

Here's what Katie and Lloyd had to say about Strictly Ballroom:


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The Man Shed on Portland

7th May 2015

This morning we found out about the Man Shed project on Portland!

portland man shed logo

It's a fantastic idea - a social and relaxed atmosphere for men to get together and do 'shed' stuff, aiming to provide a friendly place to go.

I spoke to project leader Colin Stott:



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The best thing about ... Weymouth?

6th May 2015

We've already asked you to name the best things about Bridport, Dorchester, and Portland, and this morning I was asking you to tell me the best thing about Weymouth.

Weymouth Clock Tower 

We had so many things suggested - the beach (obviously!), the free events, the harbour, Rossi's ice cream, the live music, the array of places to eat, the sand sculptures ... you can join in the conversation about it on our Facebook page.  My favourite answer came from Sharon who said 'Wessex FM and chips'!  Surely it's all you need...


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What we learnt this morning...

5th May 2015

So this morning on the Wessex FM Breakfast show, we discovered:

Patrick Liroire, Alice Cowen, and Jack Coutiere-Dunn were the annual Knob Thowing winners at the festival in Cattistock in the mens, womens, and under 12 categories respectively ... Alison King is leaving her role as Carla in Corrie at the end of the year (perhaps she should have had a happier storyline or two!) ... how to beat Brainfreeze after ice cream (stick your tongue in the roof of your mouth!) ... sales of mead are soaring thanks to Game Of Thrones ... and the ritual of making a round of tea in the office is dying out as many of us prefer posh takeaway coffee!

Wrong guesses on the Wessex Word included Washed, Decorated, Born, and Started ... it's back tomorrow for a £155 jackpot at 7:10 and 8:10am!


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Enjoy your Bank Holiday!

4th May 2015

I've just finished my short Bank Holiday Monday stint on Wessex FM, getting our All Eighties Day underway with some great songs - Dave has more this morning, and so does Mike this afternoon.

Hope you've had a great Bank Holiday weekend, whatever you've been up to.  For me, the May Day Bank Holiday weekend seems to mark the start of summer in Dorset (even if the weather doesn't always agree!), as we have big events such as the Weymouth Beach Kite Festival and the Dorset Knob Throwing in Cattistock.

Check this brand new blog every day to get reminders on the Wessex Word competition, listen again to the kids on the School Report, and you can listen again to some of the things we do on the Wessex FM Breakfast Show.

If you're doing something fun or interesting in the county that you think would be great for me to talk about on the show, contact me here.

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