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What we learnt this morning...

5th May 2015

So this morning on the Wessex FM Breakfast show, we discovered:

Patrick Liroire, Alice Cowen, and Jack Coutiere-Dunn were the annual Knob Thowing winners at the festival in Cattistock in the mens, womens, and under 12 categories respectively ... Alison King is leaving her role as Carla in Corrie at the end of the year (perhaps she should have had a happier storyline or two!) ... how to beat Brainfreeze after ice cream (stick your tongue in the roof of your mouth!) ... sales of mead are soaring thanks to Game Of Thrones ... and the ritual of making a round of tea in the office is dying out as many of us prefer posh takeaway coffee!

Wrong guesses on the Wessex Word included Washed, Decorated, Born, and Started ... it's back tomorrow for a £155 jackpot at 7:10 and 8:10am!


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