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Lesson 11 & 12

6th November 2017

OK I've been a little bit lazy. I was going to attempt to group these two posts together and offer the excuse that both lessons were similar but actually it's simply that I've been busy and haven't had the time until now!

So, my test date approaches nearer. My Wessex FM colleagues are trying to get the date out of me but I will not budge. It's happening in November and that's about as much as I want to give!

Really much of the focus of my past two lessons has been focussed on going backwards. Reversing round things. Reversing into spaces etc. Sometimes I get it right quickly, sometimes I foul it up badly. My next lesson I already know will be focussed on the business of reversing yet more and I'm OK with that.

My instructor likes asking me questions whilst I'm driving but sometimes it's just not that easy to answer when I'm trying to concentrate on driving to point out the button for the rear windscreen. If the name of the game is demonstrating being in control of the vehicle I'd rather be honest and say "I can't answer that right now because I'm concentrating on the road" than give the wrong answer or get distracted looking for a button on the dashboard.

I find as I approach my test there is less and less that I feel the need to write about. Roundabouts no longer give me nightmares. General driving is not a problem, it really is my focussing on reversing round corners and reverse parking.

Inevitably though, those Driving Test nerves are beginning to niggle a bit so, my song choice for this week....

Posted by Carl Ashwin at 7:26pm

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