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Lesson 13 & 14

22nd November 2017

Carl AshwinSo another double whammy blog! Never let it be said I don't give good value for money.

I was very aware that these were my final two lessons before my test. Well, I was aware that I had one complete lesson and one shorter lesson to cram on any bits that were lacking and as you might have guessed, this largely involved reversing!

At the start of Lesson 13 then it was quickly established that we'd be focusing on this. Reversing round things with a few three-point-turns thrown in for good measure. Something seemed to click into place in this lesson that had been absent before. Maybe it was just the number of times I'd done it but I seemed to be doing things OK. They weren't as much of a struggle any longer and this was good news for me!

I had to pick up a point with my instructor Claire. She'd said in a previous lesson of some questions she'd been asking me that these were all questions which would be asked when the new practical test comes into being. Given that this was after the date I had booked, I'd taken that as a suggestion that Claire didn't think I was going to pass my first test. She laughed this off in that relaxed way of hers and explained that they were questions she thought every student should know and therefore had been asking them because they were important, not because she thought I was going to fail my test!

Lesson 14 was the lesson immediately before my test and I knew we'd be focusing on some final reversing practice before whizzing off to the test centre. Only on that morning had I let it slip publicly that this was the day of my test........

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