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Borneo Jungle Trek - Done!

27th October 2017

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On Friday 13th October I took 15 people to join me on the Borneo Jungle Challenge, the 8th in 10 challenges as part of my Colossal 10.

After a 27 hour journey from leaving the hospice to arriving in Borneo, we were already exhausted before the trek had even started!

On Sunday 15th we took our first steps into the jungle, our home for the next five days. We soon realised that the humidity was going to add to the challenge and after not so long, knew we would also have to contend with torrential rain throughout the five days.

Each evening we went to bed with wet clothes and boots, only to put them back on again the next morning. Our meals consisted heavily of plain rice and the jungle was filed with leeches ready to attach themselves to our skin for their feeding time!

At night, the rain and wind continued resulting in very little sleep each evening and that was before the snorers in camp started drifting off to sleep.

Each day the inclines got tougher, the ground got more slippery and we all became more exhausted.


However, the sense of pride and achievement as we crossed the finish line as a strong group was incredible. Although this was a tough challenge, we all completed together, helping each other along the way ensuring that everyone finished and was proud of what they had achieved.

I am extremely proud of all of the trekkers and it was genuinely a pleasure to join them on the Borneo Jungle Challenge.

Would I go back? Maybe not for a while, my walking boots are still drying out!

So that leaves just two challenges left. This weekend I will be taking on England’s highest and fastest flat laying zip wire with speeds up to 60mph. Next weekend will see my final challenge, the 10 hour dance-a-thon will applications still open online at

But to end my year of challenges, we are holding a finale evening on Saturday 18th November at Thomas Hardye School Theatre. There will be live entertainment, videos of all the challenges and we will be joined by Carl from Wessex FM too to chat with me about the past 12 months. Tickets are available now at or by calling 01305 261800. I’d love to see you there!


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