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Nine Challenges Down ... One To Go!

31st October 2017

matt zipwire


Challenge Number 9 Complete! 

On Saturday 28th October I was faced with challenge number 9 of Matt’s Colossal 10.

After a drive to Cornwall, I stood looking at England’s fastest and longest zip wire. Easy, some might say, however lying face down, on the edge of a ledge about to plow up to 60mph through the air, easy wasn’t the thing going through my mind. 

After the first ten seconds, once the initial shock was out the way, it actually was an incredible feeling, albeit a short and brisk challenge, it was another one complete. 



So that leaves just one challenge left, the 10 Hour Dance-a-thon taking place this Sunday between 9am-7pm at Joseph Weld Hospice in Dorchester. When the clock strikes 7pm on Sunday, all 10 challenges will be over and it will be time to look forward to the finale evening on 18th November, which everyone is invited to attend. 

More can be found at or to support please visit 


Posted by Matt Smith at 10:18am

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