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Skydiving (with my Nan) - done!

15th May 2017

Matt Skydive


Sunday 14th May, the date of challenge number 4 of Matt’s Colossal 10. And it was time for another adrenaline fuelled challenge, Skydiving 15,000ft!
We arrived at Dunkerswell Airfield near Exeter and once checked in, we received our safety briefing.

There was seven jumpers for Weldmar, all bravely taking to the skies to raise money for our hospice.
Amongst those was a Weldmar Trustee, my parents and my 80 year old Nan!
One by one we all got called to get changed into our flight suits. We were introduced to our instructors (who would be our best friend for the next 30 minutes!), before boarding the plane.
Within eight minutes we were at 15,000ft, the door opened and we knew it was time to jump, there was no backing out.
One by one all of the Weldmar jumpers bravely plummeted over 150mph to the ground. As 5,000ft passed the sense of relief hit, once the parachute had opened.
However, that first 60 seconds of freefalling was an experience I never want to repeat again. Backward flips, spinning and rapidly heading towards the ground below, it was not for the faint hearted.
I do want to highlight and praise the fantastic support of our other jumpers, Merv, Sheila, Sandra, Steve, Simon and Ed. Together over £5,000 has been raised for Weldmar Hospicecare. They joined me in going above and beyond, and completely out of their comfort zone, so we can continue caring for patients and their loved ones.


I repeat, I will never be skydiving again, however I am proud that I was able to complete challenge four with six other supporters.
If you want to join me for a future challenge, visit or to support me in my ventures, visit
Now….I’m not sure I want to do the Wingwalking challenge!

Posted by Matt Smith at 12:44pm

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