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July 2015

Can you tell the difference between names of Dorset villages ... and American Football players?

30th July 2015

Here's a great game that's doing the rounds at the moment.  Someone at Comedy Central realised that the founders of Dorset villages came up with some fairly unusual names, as did the mothers of famous American Football players! 

So can you tell the difference?  There are fifty to get.  We got 44 in the office!

Click here to play it

Posted by James at 9:23am

TV adventurer Ben Fogle on the show

28th July 2015

TV presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle was on this morning's show.  He's encouraging kids to get away from computers and TV screens and go and play outside this summer!

Listen again below.

ben fogle



Posted by James at 8:31am

St Osmunds School Race For Life

10th July 2015

A huge well done to all the pupils and staff at St Osmund's School in Dorchester, who took part in their very own Schools Race For Life for Cancer Research UK!

I was honoured to be asked along to officially start the one mile run.

Check out all the photos here

james st osmunds race for life


Posted by James at 10:05pm

Top Five Tips For Keeping Cool!

1st July 2015

We're talking cool temperatures here, not cool like Fonzey on Happy Days.  We're experiencing a heatwave at the moment, and I've discovered to top tips for keeping your body temperature down.

One extra one, which you may have heard before, is stick a bowl of iced water in front of a fan - a much cheaper alternative to air con!  Or just pop into Debenhams in Weymouth, it's always chilly in there!



Posted by James at 9:16am


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