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March 2016

How to get freebies!

30th March 2016

I noticed a really good article on MailOnline today - how to get some rather decent freebies!

My favourite ones included:

  • Get two-for-one cinema tickets for a year for purchasing a travel insurance policy for as little as £2 on Compare The Market
  • Kids free into loads of attractions (including Legoland, Thorpe Park, etc) just for writing to Blue Peter to get a BP badge
  • If you've ever bought any music (CDs or vinyl albums) from Amazon, you will find all that music to download at no extra cost from your account
  • Get freebies from Tesco by signing up to one of their two consumer groups
  • Get a free bottle of Prosecco at Prezzo when you download a birthday voucher from their website

Find all the details and links here


Posted by James at 8:02am

Doret's Got Talent - the Grand Final

14th March 2016

Well done to everyone who took part in this year's Dorset's Got Talent for Weldmar Hospice!

The event raised around £7,500 for the charity, and was held at Freshwater Beach Holiday Park.

Here's the moment when we found out the winner:



Dorset's Got Talent 2016 Winner

And the winner of Dorset's Got Talent 2016 is... Weldmar Hospicecare Trust Freshwater Beach Holiday Park(see all the photos at

Posted by Wessex FM on Sunday, 13 March 2016


See all the photos here


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An exciting role at the College of Policing

3rd March 2016

PCC Martyn UnderhillI have recently been elected to represent PCCs nationally on the College of Policing Professional Committee. Today is the first time I sit on the board alongside the PCC for Sussex, as well as a number of representatives from various staff associations.

The pressure on cops today is immense. From those working at a senior level to those on the beat and working day to day in our neighbourhoods the load is unprecedented. The College of Policing is a professional body that works to find the best ways to deliver policing in these difficult times, to ensure the best possible service is provided to the public across the country.  Importantly, I will now be in position to directly influence these training and management approaches on behalf of the people of Dorset.

The purpose of the board is to set the overall strategic direction of the College. Amongst other things we will help to ensure the College identifies, develops and promotes good policing practice. Supporting the professional development of individuals, police forces and other organisations to work together to protect the public and prevent crime.

I will be in a position to provide oversight and support to the College and to work to ensure it is aware of and responsive to risks, challenges and opportunities that face the profession.  

I am especially pleased that as a committee we will provide a forum for recurring public concerns. Allowing us to identify and root out common themes and persistent problems that the public face when it comes to policing. As a PCC, elected by the people of Dorset, this element is a key part of the committee’s work for me and I will ensure it is undertaken seriously and that concerns are addressed.

Another key role of the board is to lead the debate on issues around policing standards, something I already have a proven track record of doing on behalf of the people of Dorset. As a committee we will be expected to challenge public agencies and the government when it comes to policing to ensure standards are kept high and that public safety is a priority. A part of this will be to play a key role in issues that impact specifically on police funding and public confidence. Both of which are priorities I have been working on through my Police and Crime Plan.

As a former police officer who is a PCC I am in a unique position to advise and support the College of Policing and I am pleased to have been elected by my fellow PCCs to represent them on the Committee. I will work closely with them and the public to continue the good work of the College.

Martyn Underhill
Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner

Posted by Martyn Underhill at 9:11am


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