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Alone At Last!

19th December 2017

Carl AshwinIt's been several weeks since I passed my test and sadly, there had been a huge gap between then and me getting behind the wheel of a car. Waiting for my license card was one reason and the dreaded insurance was the other.

Nevertheless on Friday 15th December I went to Weymouth with Vicky from the Wessex FM office as my passenger. This was my first time driving since I'd passed my test and the Renault Twingo I was in was (to put it politely) a little less forgiving than my instructors car. Thus I stalled several times but made it back safe and sound. The problem was that I had still not yet been out on my own.

That all changed on Monday 18th December 2017. I'd finished the show and needed to get to Bridport to pick up the Bun Run cakes so I was quite excited to finally get in the car, on my own and set out. The drive to Bridport was uneventful but I was concentrating harder than ever before.

Parking in Bridport was a little hairy with me having to do a reverse parallel park (remember, I hate those!) but actually, aside from grinding the gears once it went in without a problem. Happy days!

Then with cakes safely in the boot it was down to see the team at Well Pharmacy in Weymouth. Again the drive from Bridport to Weymouth was fine but why oh why did I pick a bun run on a road that had been closed for resurfacing!? I parked a little way from the Pharmacy and walked the rest. Cakes delivered it was back to the Studio to squeeze into the only parking space left.

So there it is, my first solo drive, done!

And do you know what? I loved it!!

Posted by Carl Ashwin at 10:17am


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