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Wessey the Bear

I'm 'Wessey' the Bear...

I was donated to Wessex FM by the St John's Badgers in Dorchester and have become a permanent member of the team.

Who knows where 'Wessey' will appear throughout Dorset! 

Wessey the engineer...

5th July 2017

Wessey Engineering...

After a bit of a rest yesterday, I have been back to it today working in the engineering department at Wessex FM.

Now, what does this yellow cable do...

Posted by Wessey at 1:12pm

Wessey with DJ Owen...

3rd July 2017

Wessey and Owen

After a busy weekend... I must admit that I had a bit of a late night in the studio with DJ Owen on 'Sunday Night Legends'.

We drank lot's of tea, ate loads of biscuits and of course enjoyed lot's of legendary songs.

Posted by Wessey at 2:42pm

Wessey in the newsroom...

30th June 2017

Wessey with Maria

It's been a an exciting first week at Wessex FM... Today I got to help Maria edit the news.

Remember... If you've got a news story, tell Wessex FM first!   

Posted by Wessey at 2:23pm

Wessey in the studio...

29th June 2017

Wessey Studio

Today I'm learning how to be a presenter!

I'm amazed how easy it is...

"Hello... 1, 2, Check 1, 2"

"I'd better not accidentally give out anymore clues on the 'Wessex Word' just yet"  

Posted by Wessey at 12:58pm

Wessey's first Bun Run...

28th June 2017

Wessey Bun Run

On my second adventure this week I joined Vicki on the Bun Run and delivered yummy cakes to the new Damers First School in Dorchester.

Can you spot me in this photo? I must admit did have my eye on the chocolate eclair at the time.

Posted by Wessey at 11:47am


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Wessey the engineer...

Posted by Wessey

5th July 2017 1:12pm

Wessey with DJ Owen...

Posted by Wessey

3rd July 2017 2:42pm

Wessey in the newsroom...

Posted by Wessey

30th June 2017 2:23pm

Wessey in the studio...

Posted by Wessey

29th June 2017 12:58pm

Wessey's first Bun Run...

Posted by Wessey

28th June 2017 11:47am