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This Father's Day, be a winner with Wessex FM and Southfield Veterinary Centre in Dorchester as we play Dad or Dog!

Listen through the day for your chance to win a £50 restaurant voucher so you can go and treat the family to a meal out.

Just work out who is snoring - is it Dad, or the dog?


Dad or Dog with Southfield Veterinary Centre, South Walks, Dorchester!


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How old is your dog?

What is it that they say, “there are seven dog years to one human year”? In actual fact there are many factors influencing this age guide such as size of the breed, breed type, weight and fitness. So perhaps we should be asking how old does your dog feel?

Quite often I shall hear owners say, “he’s just getting old” when in fact we know that their reluctance to exercise is not due to his/her age but, due to osteoarthritis. Obviously, we have to rule out other age related conditions but if indeed they are suffering from arthritis there is a whole range of things we can offer to help get the “old dog” his/her spring back.

Signs to watch out for may include behavioural changes such as sleeping more, being a bit grumpy with other dogs or people, restlessness at night or when trying to sleep or settle. Changes in mobility may be more obvious, a reluctance to exercise, not wanting to exercise for as long, difficulty getting up and down, stiffness in the mornings, difficulty climbing or descending stairs or jumping into the car. More obviously, you may see them limping or moving stiffly.

There are many more subtle changes that we could discover too.

So during June, July and August, here at Southfield Veterinary Centre we are running an Osteoarthritis Campaign for dogs over 8 years and cats over 12 years old. We will be inviting owners to bring their pets for a free assessment and to work out a plan for their future mobility support, be it the form of supplements, acupuncture, massage, hydrotherapy, diet, exercise, physiotherapy or medication.

To find out more please contact the practice, our website or Facebook. We are here to help regain Fido’s va va voom! So give us a call and see how we can help.