Dorset County Hospital  Cancer Appeal

DCC Cancer Appeal

Help make a difference to the Dorset County Hospital Cancer Appeal

Wessex FM and Jordan's Jewellers in Dorchester have joined forces to help raise funds for the Dorset County Hospital Cancer Appeal - and we need your help!
We're asking you to make a donation via our Just Giving page below before Local Radio Day on Friday 25th May.
Make a donation, and get your name on our fundraising wall below!

We're asking you to donate either £2, £5, or £10 - whatever you can afford.

The Cancer Appeal is funding a new Cancer and Haematology Outpatient Department and refurbishing the Chemotherapy Unit at Dorset County Hospital. This will create new facilities and a better environment for all our cancer patients and their families and create new spaces for counselling and support services.  


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Local Radio Day

We believe in delivering proper local radio for the people who live, work, and go to school here, and that's why we are part of the third annual Local Radio Day.

Along with more great local commercial, BBC, community and hospital radio stations across the UK, we'll celebrate what's great about local radio on Friday 25th May.

Local Radio Day 2018

The Donation Wall

Sandra Sherrell
Pearl Titterington
Caroline Lambert
In memory of John Manuel
Gareth Creech
In memory of Margaret Oakley
In memory of Alison Gray
In memory of Gordon Latta
Emma Mansell
Vivian & Carol Clarke
In memory of Rita
In memory of Raymond J Wilkins
John Gibbs
Cherrie Hansford
Linda Roper
Christine Fry
Georgina, Phil & Elexey
Karen Maloney
Joe Morgan
Jan & Fred Sturmey
Julie Chorley
In memory of Phil Pearce
In memory of Charlie Fox
Yvonne Watts
Colin Trenery
Gareth Down
William Conway
Terry White
Wendy Francis
B. Kleine
Nigel Green
Izzy & Beth Marshall
In memory of Ted & Betty Ingram
Christine Swindell
Samantha Snook
In memory of Ralph Perriam
In memory of Jim Duddle
Zoe Marshall
Alfie Swindell
In memory of Lisa Selby
Paul & Anne Robbins
Jacqueline Swindell
Sophia Swindell
Alison Weller
Modrapheniac Scooter Club
Glen Castelino
Annette Kent
John Simpson
Anthony John Almond
Ray, Andrea & Andie Elliott
Ria & Mick Everson
Paige, Blake & Wade
Paul Milverton
In memory of Katrina Green
Sandra Barnes
Theresa Parker
In memory of David Ellis
Roger Skidmore
Caitlin McClare
In memory of Gwyneth
In memory of David
In memory of Peter & Lisa Selby
Glanville Family
Sue Crabb
Zuzana Aukett
Liz, Chris, Erin, Rhys & Billy
In memory of Ruby
Jane Logan
In memory of Max
Bob Hodder
Linda Robins
Len & Betty White
Mel Binnie
Deborah Clark
To all those affected
Juliet Gerrard
In memory of Verity
Pat Ablett & Ian
In memory of Marion Gerard
Jane & Bill Baskett
Sam Allisin
Ken from Bridport
Emily & Darren Fry
Leanne Pashen
Jane Peters
Michael Place
Lesley Gale
The Moon Family
Wendy Bell
Andrew Scard
Verity Wood
In memory of Barry
Tracy Park
In memory of Val Hallett
Gordon Milne
Phil Telling
Andrew Parry
Pete Moxom
James O'Neill
Jordans Jewellers
Alan Stenning
Derek Brinsley
Nigel Ricardo
Frederick Simmonds Lodge
Theresa Clayton
Serina Anderson
Andrew Manvell
Simon Ridd
Rick Simmonds
Barbara Patten
Marie Monk
Brandon Ridgeway
Christine Mould
Melissa Culverwell
Wendy Goldsworthy
MAD Academy Weymouth
Christine Jones
Nina Coakley
Mike Ward
Julie Gould
B & S
Rosemary Rose
Rachael Wyatt
Leslie Cummings
Carol Cummings
Jim Reed
Liz Reed
Marie Pinkett
Claire Ward
Hoot Guppy
Teresa Smith
Tiffany Warburton
Joanne Robinson
James Heath
Michael Daniel
Chris & Jim McMahon
Dave Goulden
Julie Middleton
June Cribb
Jane & Edna
Diane Irving
William Parkes
Janes Keens-Hallett
June Eames
In memory of Jackie B
Naomi Braithwaite
Bryan Ward
Christine Little
Severine Morris
Jan Hickman
Isabel Adams
Marie Cole
Karlos Nash
Yvette Manvell
Katie Cadwell
Heather Allen
Paul Pomeroy
Martin Brown
Emma Blow
Rosie Pomeroy
Express Refrigeration
Toni-Leigh Westwell
Joanna Mellon
Kellie Rose
Toyah Ingham
Derek Sherriff
Beryl Sherriff
Rosemary & Tom Vallance
The drawing office - architectural design
Curtis Plate
Oby Art
Craig Connor
D West
Samuel Deen
Graham & Katy Jackson
William & Colette Gratwick
Sean Snaith
Kelly Nash
Denise Horsnell
Emily Woodgate
The Millicans
Anne Ferrar
Katarzyna Steerment
Liz & Mike Yaeudale
Sandi Snelling
Mike Snelling
Teresa & Ian Wade
Caroline Limm
Jess & Will
Solly & Carmen Cimmino
Nicky Imber
Rosie Hutchings
Carol Voss - In memory of mum & dad
Rob Goodwin
Ann Salter