Exam Preparation - Parent Zone

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How can you help

Parents can play a huge role in helping their children prepare properly for the big day.  Here are some of our top tips.

  • Help you child create a revision timetable (Download ours here).
  • Find a quiet place to devote to your child's study space.
  • Help them get a good supply of stationery together, such a postcard size note pages and coloured pens or highlighters to make studying more interesting.
  • Make sure they are taking regular breaks - you could plan things to do in the longer breaks, such as a walk to the shops or park, visiting family and friends, or doing exercise such as their favourite sport. 
  • Offer to listen to them read back their notes, test them, or time them doing a past exam paper, then mark it together.
  • Have plenty of snacks on hand - brown pasta, granary bread, nuts and fish are all good brain boosting foods.
  • Try and create a calm atmosphere around the family home for them.
  • Discourage them from staying up late, especially the night before an exam. 
  • Prepare a good breakfast on exam day - you can see our exam day menu here.