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Find Wessex FM in the Yeovil Motor Company Volvo V40 and grab your free Purbeck Ice Cream!


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Every Tuesday and Thursday, Wessex FM is joining forces with Yeovil Motor Company to give you FREE Purbeck Ice Cream!

We'll be out in our special Wessex FM Volvo V40 in a different location in the area at 4pm - keep listening to find out where we'll be.

If you are one of the first fifty people to come and see us, you'll get a free tub of Purbeck Vanilla Bean Ice Cream!

Here are some important things to remember:

  • The number of tubs is limited to fifty on each appearance

  • Strictly first come, first served!

  • You must be in the queue to get one!  You can't take one for anyone who is not with you!

Come and claim your free Purbeck Ice Cream with Wessex FM and the Yeovil Motor Company Volvo V40!



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