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Quitting smoking can be a challenging journey on your own.

We realise this and have Smokestop trained advisors in pharmacies, drop-in clinics and one-to-one sessions across Dorset who can offer help and support to make it much easier for you to become smokefree.
You don’t have to stop smoking immediately. With us, you will choose a quit date to suit you in the near future. Advice on dealing with the addiction, habit and the way cigarettes make you feel is offered together with plans and achievable targets which you decide upon to lead you gently down the road towards quitting.

You can expect to choose a therapy to make it easier to quit and your advisor will arrange this for you and plan more support sessions when you can meet.
Waiting for the ‘right or perfect time’ to quit often means it never comes, why not just do it NOW? You have nothing to lose through trying.

Visit the Dorset SmokeStop and click on the ‘Dates and Venues’ tab on the left for a list of all our trained advisors across Dorset, including information about local support for mums-to-be.



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