Lanehouse Suzuki Campaign Results

suzuki swift

Campaign Overview

Website (CMS Data & Google Analytics):

Page views: 871
Average time on page: 5 mins 28 secs
Competition entries: 167


Combined Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram):

Combined Reach: 66,006
Combined Reactions: 656

Social Media Breakdown


Combined Reach: 62, 686
Combined Video Views: 22,111
Combined Reactions: 463
Combined Post Clicks: 3,709

Combined Likes: 146


Combined Impressions: 3,320
Combined Engagements: 47

On Air

Individual Facebook Post Results & Breakdown

Initial Open Post - Lanehouse

First Delivery - Lanehouse

First Delivery - Lanehouse

Strawberries Thrid Delivery
4 - Strawberries & Cream Delivery
Strawberries & Cream Results
7 Strawberries, Cream
8 Strawberries & Cream Results
9 Strawberries, Cream Results
10 Strawberries Cream Results
Final Post - Strawberries

Twitter (Example of Tweet)

Twitter Last Video Thumbnail

Instagram (Example of post)

Initial showroom launch video

This video was initially used to launch the Wimbledon campaign. It was posted to Facebook hyperlinking through to the webpage at where the full video stayed pinned to the top of the page throughout the duration of the Wimbledon promotion.

This meant that the detailed video of the all new Suzuki Swift was in plain sight and unavoidable at the top of the webpage to everybody that clicked through during the entire campaign.