H3 SuperKids Launch

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H3 SuperKids Launch

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Venue: The Colliton Club and Bar
Address: The Colliton Club, Colliton House, Colliton Park, Dorchester DT1 1XZ

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When: Wednesday 17th July, 2019 - 7:00pm


H3 superkids is a 360 approach that will help your child develop:


Nothing in the H3 Superkids is here by chance. Every strategy contained within the programme has been carefully chosen to help create a lasting positive impact on your child.

A combination of high quality nutrition and a unique 56 day programme that will help your child to be the best version of themselves.

As we know, we are all the result of our current habits and that's why it’s important to help our children to instil the right habits from a young age.

We make our habits....then our habits make us.

Some of the improvements we have seen are:

⭐ Emotional intelligence
⭐ Self confidence
⭐ Mindset
⭐ Respect for others
⭐ Improved thinking patterns
⭐ Discipline
⭐ Responsibility
⭐ Task completion
⭐ Better decision making
⭐ Resilience
⭐ Improved overall health and well-being

Plus we will have a Guest Speaker, children's author and Life Coach, Vicki Tongeman

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