Drummer Hodge at the Plaza Cinema, Dorchester

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Drummer Hodge at the Plaza Cinema, Dorchester supporting Dorchester Community Plays Association

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Venue: Plaza Cinema
Address: Plaza Cinema, 31-32 Trinity Street, Dorchester DT1 1TT

Website: Visit website

Entry Fee: £10

When: Friday 2nd August, 2019 - 7:30pm


For one night only, the 2014 Dorchester Community Play, Drummer Hodge, will be showing at the Plaza Cinema in Dorchester.

As a fundraising event for the next community play, on 2nd August 2019 Dorchester Community Plays Association (DCPA) is putting on a screening of their last play, Drummer Hodge which was performed in 2014.


Dorchester has produced a record breaking six community plays over the last 30 years and the next one, Spinning the Moon is due to be put on in April 2020. They are large scale productions; Drummer Hodge had around 200 cast and crew. Because they are written and directed by professionals the cost of each production is significant; in the region of £70,000. DCPA are currently raising funds for Spinning the Moon and would like you to join them at their next fundraising event - A special one-off screening of Drummer Hodge.

Written by Rupert Creed, Drummer Hodge is set principally in Dorchester in around 1900. The town was expanding although also feeling the effects of agricultural depression. It was a time of great technological and social change, with the status of women making an increasing impact. It centres around the Pope family (who ran the successful Eldridge Pope brewery) headed by Alfred Pope, his second wife Elizabeth and his fifteen children and, at the other end of the social scale, the Hodge family; Ben, who is unemployed and drinks heavily, Sara who struggles to hold the family together and their son Will.

Charity Number: 1140952

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