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Presented to an individual or business who has displayed exceptional customer service.

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A Word from Weyline

When you buy a product or service the decision will be based more often than not on quality or price but in any event if the product is of a consistent quality, the element that often differs is in the customer experience, which is determined by the interaction of the customer and the seller, more commonly referred to as Customer Service.

Polite, helpful, professional and friendly is the basic standard and yet many businesses often fail to maintain even these most basic elements.  Getting a customer in the door is the hardest bit, keeping them is not difficult if we make the customer feel valued then in turn they should have no reason not to return or reuse our services.

Complaints are often the precursor to the loss of a customer, however if you can both resolve an issue to the customers satisfaction and exceed their expectation of our response we will have won the retention of that customer and engendered their loyalty to our particular service or brand.

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