Dorset County Council, Sponsors Of The School Crossing Patrol Person Award.

Dorset County Council in total have 67 sites (69 staff) countywide providing safe routes to school. They also have an additional 20 relief patrols, who work on a casual basis covering emergency sickness and absence, in recent years they have covered on average 99.9% of all staff absence. This is particularly important if a patrol phones in sick of an evening and we are unable to notify parents accordingly. We have the best cover rate in the south of England, if not nationally.

The role of a patrol is fundamentally to provide a safe crossing facility. However, by providing patrols where they are justified, Dorset County Council encourage walking to school with all the health benefits that promotes.

This in turn also encourages less car use in and around schools. A school crossing patrol is more than likely to be the first figure of authority a child ever encounters close up.

More importantly they work in all winds and weather and whilst appreciated by children and parents, unfortunately not all motorists appreciate the work they do and they could be a little more considerate!!

School Crossing Patrol Person Award was collected by Belinda Bessant who is muched loved by all the kids, a true local hero. Click and listen to Belinda.