Bridport High Street Alive And Kicking

Bridport 4

Published at 7:28am 5th February 2015. (Updated at 1:39pm 5th February 2015)

New research by The Local Data Company shows that Bridport is one of the top ten towns in England to have the lowest shop vacancy rates.

We've all heard stories about empty shops - but one West Dorset Town is proving the High Street is very much alive and kicking.

Bridport is in the top ten of town's in England for having the LOWEST shop vacancy rates.

Rupert Morton owns The Decorator Centre in Bridport.  He hopes the good publicity will entice even more retailers to the town.

He told Wessex FM; "It shows that there is such a vibrancy within Bridport itself.  Hopefully it will attract even more and get it down to the 0% mark.  Bridport is the only town in the South West which is up there and it shows its quite a quirky place to visit.  I think this is good for business in general."

"There are a lot of independent shops in Bridport which makes it a very interesting place to visit.  There's a market, a very big art scene as well that almost makes in very much like London.  You get lots of visitors from different parts of the country, this is fantastic news."