Clipper Teas In Beaminster Using Solar Power On The Production Line

clipper teas factory

Published at 7:52am 24th April 2015.

The UK’s leading ethical tea company based in Dorset is now producing its goods using the power of the sun, cutting its energy bills and reducing its environmental impact.

Clipper Teas are now producing their range of products via the power of the sun.

Over 300 solar panels have been installed by Hive Energy, on their Beaminster factory roof - and will create enough energy to power 20 homes.

Hive Energy's commercial director, Tim Purbrick, said: "We've seen a real surge at the moment in environmentally aware companies like Clipper Teas wanting to use solar energy to power their business. It not only makes them greener but also cheaper, more resilient source of energy."

The panels will use daylight to generate energy for Clipper's busy production line, cutting the company's energy bills and reducing their environmental impact.

Clipper Teas production manager, Tim Wallis said: "As a fairtrade company committed to offering customers a sustainably sourced product, it's really important that we're environmentally-conscious too."

Clipper say they are now one of Britain's best-loved ethical tea companies and are expected to pack one billion teabags this year.