UPDATED WITH PICTURES - Man Barricades Himself Into A House In Bridport

UPDATED WITH PICTURES - Man Barricades Himself Into A House In Bridport

Published by The Wessex FM News Team at 12:20pm 11th July 2014. (Updated at 3:59pm 11th July 2014)

Armed Police officers have now removed a man from a bungalow in Bridport after he barricaded himself in.

A situation in Bridport where a man had barricaded himself into a bungalow has now been resolved peacefully.

The incident started at around 10am this morning.

Armed officers were called as Police were concerned for the man's safety.

Dorset Police received a report of an incident at an address on Fouracre Close.

It was alleged that an assault had taken place at the scene.

When officers arrived the man refused to let them in. He was then seen brandishing a sword.

Trained negotiators spoke to the man for a number of hours asking him to come out, but he refused.

At 1.15pm specialist public order trained officers forced entry to the house and arrested a 53-year-old local man on suspicion of assault and a sword a recovered.

Peter Roe who lives nearby told Wessex FM its usually a quiet area.

"I'm not sure who lives in that house.  I think it's an older man. The Police have been negotiating with him. This all started at 10 o'clock this morning."

"A number of officers with riot shields went in through the back door. The chap very quickly surrendered and I heard somebody say he's down on the floor and within a couple of minutes they brought the guy out."




Bungalow Barricade 2

Pictures by: Peter Roe

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