Weymouth Charity To Feed The Homeless On Christmas Day

Weymouth Charity To Feed The Homeless On Christmas Day

Published by The Wessex FM News Team at 9:15am 24th December 2014.

Soulfood who help the homeless in Weymouth have told Wessex FM they're getting ready to feed even more people on Christmas Day this year.

A Weymouth Charity group will be feeding more homeless people this Christmas than last.

Soulfood who provide clothing, food and support, are expecting around forty people to their premises on Christmas day, that's 25% more than in 2013 when 30 people attended on the day.

Soulfood Manager Wendy Selway explained why it's so important they give people somewhere to go, "Because otherwise they're on their own. I mean to them it's just a normal day, so to be able to come down and have a bit of company and a chat and lunch, and to be out of the cold, it's really nice."

Wendy also encouraged people to give away anything they didn't want to the homeless, "Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hats, gloves scarves- you know anything that would be useful for anyone on the streets this Christmas."

Wendy mentioned a recent death amongst the local homeless population has meant less people are coming to The Prayerhouse at the moment, but most have still booked for Christmas.

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