'Make Tobacco History' Campaign

'Make Tobacco History' Campaign

Published by The Wessex FM News Team at 9:11am 6th January 2015.

Public Health Dorset are using success stories to show smokers quitting during January that even though it's hard, giving up is worth it.

Chris is speaking about overcoming smoking on an appeal launching on Wessex FM encouraging smokers to 'Make Tobacco History'.

Public Health Dorset are using success stories like 'Chris' to show smokers quitting during January that even though it's hard, giving up is worth it.

Year-on-year thousands of people attempt to quit smoking during the months of January and February. Evidence shows that people who make a pledge and receive support are more likely to be successful.

Every smoker has their own reasons for wanting to quit, with family, money and health all being strong motivating factors.

The campaign, called Make Tobacco History, seeks to inspire people by telling the stories of other local people who have either quit smoking or who will be attempting to quit during January.  

These are stories about the struggles that people have had, how they've overcome them and how much better life can be after smoking.

Dr David Phillips, director of Public Health Dorset, said: "The story of smoking cigarettes is largely a story of the 20th century, when it is estimated more than 100 million lives were lost as a result of smoking."

"Over the last thirty years, we've seen a dramatic reduction in the proportion of people who smoke, and in many of our communities smoking is now quite rare."

"For individuals as well as for communities, there is now an opportunity to assign smoking to the past once and for all, breaking the link with the next generation."

"The benefits of quitting for individual lives are huge, but each successful quitter also helps to draw the curtain on smoking for good, and the benefits of a smoke-free society for future generations are enormous."

"Taking that next step to becoming an ex-smoker is no easy task, but by making a firm commitment, getting the right support, and by knowing you're not alone in trying to quit, your chances of being successful are greatly improved."

The campaign is running throughout January with posters in selected sites across Dorset and messages on social media.

Find more information, support and declare your reason to quit smoking at the Make Tobacco History webpages or follow #maketobaccohistory on social media.