New Parking Machines Cause Outrage

New Parking Machines Cause Outrage

Published by The Wessex FM News Team at 10:21am 12th January 2015.

New parking machines in Dorchester costing more than £3,000 each are upsetting some residents and shoppers who now have to put their car registration number in.

New parking machines in Dorchester are upsetting some residents and shoppers.

Each new machine in council run car parks has cost £3,200 to install.

We're promised they'll soon be able to take card and contactless payments.

But Helen Chalk from Puddletown is outraged that you now have to put your registration number in.

"You could come out of the market and give your ticket to someone else, and they could use up the rest of the time on the ticket.  Which I think is a brilliant idea.  Why shouldn't you give it to someone else?  If they don't want people to do that, then they should be prepared to put a system in, where you put your ticket in the machine and you get your money back."

Helen is also concerned that some people may not be able to use the keyboard to put in their registration numbers.

"The design is appalling because elderly people, people with disabilities, they haven't got the dexterity in their hands to press these stupid buttons. Plus when they get to the machine, they can't remember their registration number and it makes queues for everybody.  Whoever has planned this has not considered the general public."

West Dorset District Council Leader Cllr Anthony Alford said: "We are making some very positive changes to the way people are able to pay for parking in West Dorset.

"Our new parking machines replace old, unreliable ones and will be upgraded to take card and contactless payments imminently as soon as security protocols are finalised. This will ensure our residents and visitors are given an improved and more convenient car parking service."

West Dorset District Council also say the buttons on the key pads are the standard European size used on all pay and display machines.