Dialysis at home for supported patients across Dorset

Dialysis at home for supported patients across Dorset

Published by The Wessex FM News Team at 2:28pm 14th May 2018. (Updated at 5:10pm 16th May 2018)

It's all part of a £150,000 pound project funded by Dorset County Hospital Charity.

Renal patients across Dorset are being given the chance to have their dialysis treatment in the treatment of their own home.

It's all part of a £150,000 pound project funded by Dorset County Hospital Charity.

Dorset County Hospital is the Renal centre for the County, providing specialist support for over 350 renal patients across Dorset and beyond. The unit provides inpatient care and specialist support for patients receiving dialysis and for those who have had kidney transplants.

As part of a continual programme of improvement the Hospital's Renal Service has identified that there are a significant number of younger people, and also some older people, whose independence and possibly their health are being impaired by being reliant on dialysis in a central unit rather than at home.

Lynn Lusby, Senior Sister on the Haemodialysis Unit at Dorset County Hospital said, "Home haemodialysis is suitable for anyone who has support at home. It puts patients back in control of their own lives - they can arrange their treatment around their lives rather than the other way around. Our patients who choose to use HHD say they absolutely prefer it to coming into the hospital three days a week."

HHD offers a variety of life benefits such as improved convenience, mental health wellbeing, and rehabilitation.

Patients are in charge of their own treatment and can schedule their own dialysis to suit their lifestyles.

This means that they are able, for example, to arrange weekends or short trips away and enjoy the freedom, flexibility and independence this brings. It also increases the possibility of regular employment.

Peter Harvey, who has been having haemodialysis at home for nearly two years, explained how his life had changed since having the equipment fitted into his spare room and discussed his experience of the current programme.

Peter said, "I have dialysis three times a week but can fit it around my other activities. If I start early I can be finished by 11am then the rest of the day is mine - I am a free agent, in charge of my own life again."

Peter is supported by his wife Linda who is always there to help when he uses his dialysis machine.

Dorset County Hospital's Renal Service is currently supporting eleven patients who receive haemodialysis in their own homes. The new project will enable a further five patients to benefit from HHD.

The project will also fund a home haemodialysis nurse for an initial 12 months to provide training and support to patients already receiving HHD and those considering it.

To find out more about how to support the Renal Unit at Dorset County Hospital please contact the Charity Team on 01305 253215 or email charity@dchft.nhs.uk.