£9.7k grant helps Weymouth people with learning difficulties find work

£9.7k grant helps Weymouth people with learning difficulties find work

Published by George Sharpe at 12:56pm 31st January 2019.

It's funding a 26-week scheme to build confidence and create opportunities

A £9.7k Lottery grant to East Boro Housing Trust will go towards a scheme to help adults with learning disabilities find work.

'Let's Work' is a 26 week programme based at Waverley Community Hub, which used to be the Waverley Arms Pub. The scheme aims to get people into the career of their choice.

East Boro Housing Trust is backing the grant with an additional £4,220.

They say two in three adults with learning disabilities want paid work but have been unable to get a job. But, the scheme's trying to change that figure in Dorset by giving one to one help, trying to match people with an employer.

Robbie Cormack manages Work4You who's running the scheme. He said: "Most of the people I've come across classed as learning difficulties are twice as bright as me.

"They're just not getting an opportunity and we want to create those opportunities."

Building confidence and opportunities

Mr Cormack says the course is all about learning about an individual, trying to build their confidence and then job matching with the right employer. But he also wants people to tell them what their goals are and where they want to work.

"I'm hoping that they'll set us tasks that they think we won't be able to achieve because we will achieve it.

"It's about just generally getting people to realise what their skills are and how it can be used in work."

Once they've found a job, they'll have an in-work follow up to ensure they're able to stay in work.

Kevin Hodder, Chief Executive of East Boro Housing Trust said "We take a pride in trying to provide people with good quality homes but we also take a pride in trying to help people in the community as well."

"We plan to bring people together and build strong relationships across communities by working with learners and local employers."

Mr Cormack's asking employers interested in taking part in the project to get in touch via rcormack@w4y.org.uk or 07881 343 148.