Dorchester School Children make their mark in Westminster

Dorchester School Children make their mark in Westminster

Published by George Sharpe at 8:30am 2nd March 2019. (Updated at 10:00am 2nd March 2019)

The children met with Environement Secretary Micheal Gove to campaign about plastic bottles.

Children from a school in Dorchester have brought their plastic-free campaign to Westminster.

Damers First School Eco-club spoke to Environment Secretary Micheal Gove about a campaign to recycle plastic bottles.

It's called the Deposit Return Scheme. A small deposit will be applied to any drinks container which would be refunded to a customer when it's returned for recycling.

They say the scheme shouldn't come from public money, should accept bottles of all sizes, materials and shapes and every shop in the UK should be able to sign up.

Edd Moore leads the club. He says they also want the scheme brought forward.

"In 2020 scotland are going to have the recycle system and in England we've been told that we have to wait until 2023

"I think after the children spoke to Micheal [Gove] they will now look into to see if we can have the recycle system in place by next year.

He added that he is "extremely proud" of the pupils.


Mr Gove said "It's great to see the young people at Damers First School are being inspired during the Government's Year of Green Action, and we welcome the efforts of CPRE to tackle litter and plastic waste.

"Consulting on a deposit return scheme is a part of our landmark Resources and Waste Strategy to leave our environment in a better state than we inherited it for future generations."

Pupils also gave Mr Gove a sculpture called "Future Fossils" designed and commisioned by Litter Free Dorset.

Photo of the Future Fossils piece
Photo of the Future Fossils piece

 The sculpture depicts what fossils might look like when dug up in the distant future.