Dorchester to mark World Down Syndrome Day

Dorchester to mark World Down Syndrome Day

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:02am 20th March 2019.

A big event is being held at the Dorford Centre.

Breaking down barriers and banishing taboos.

These are just two of the aims ahead of World Down Syndrome Day which is being celebrated in Dorchester tomorrow. (21st March)

A big event is taking place at the Dorford Centre where up to 100 adults with learning disabilities will meet up to celebrate the day and share inspirational stories.

Jack Buick has downs syndrome.  He told Wessex FM; " I attend a lot of groups. I go to People First Dorset Friendship Club, which is held on a Tuesday night in Weymouth or Dorchester. We go bowling have discos go to coffee shops.

"I also attend People First Dorset Speaking Up groups and I am on their Management Committee. We talk about different things we would like to do and we helped to organize the glitter ball we had in May 2018.

"I go to Dorset Abilities Group where we do all sorts of activities including yoga, boogie fit, Taekwondo , gym , swimming, cooking and tuck by truck where we deliver sweets, crisps and drinks to offices and premises around Weymouth Portland And Dorchester.

"I work on a Monday at the Cafe on the Green, which is a training cafe for people with disabilities.

"My experiences of living with Down syndrome are mostly positive I have lots of friends have a great social life , when I was younger it took me a bit longer to do things and sometimes people stared at me …..but I just stared back! Just because I have Down syndrome doesn't mean that I can't do things. I am able to travel independently go out socialising and I love being me."

Lisa Dixon is from People First Dorset. They have organised the 'Speaking up big meet and poetry slam' at the Dorford Centre from 11am to 2pm tomorrow (21st March). 

She told Wessex FM; "Some of our members who also have Down Syndrome mentioned they would like to do a big awareness raising  day. So we thought this year was a good opportunity to do that."