Wrongly labelled sandwich could have caused allergic reaction

Wrongly labelled sandwich could have caused allergic reaction

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:20am 18th June 2019.

It was sold at Morrison in Weymouth.

A woman is hitting out at Morrisons in Weymouth after she bought a sandwich for her sister which would have caused a potentially fatal allergic reaction.

The pitta bread made in house, was labelled tuna, but when Marina opened it, she saw it contained egg and avocado.

Marina's sister can't eat avocado and carries an Epipen.

She rung the store and spoke to the Manager who apologised and she also spoke to Morrisons Head Office.

Marina told Wessex FM: "For somebody who has allergies, even putting that to their mouth could cause a fatal reaction."

"I bought it in good faith, with it being labelled as tuna and it wasn't a tuna sandwich. The implications and the risk they posed to their customers was unacceptable."


A Morrisons spokeswoman said: "We take all food safety and quality issues very seriously, including accurate labelling of our products. We deeply regret that our customer received the wrong information about the product's contents. It would appear a colleague has mistakenly applied an incorrect label. We will be reviewing our procedures and retraining colleagues where appropriate."