We can help keep Dorset's neighbourhoods safe

We can help keep Dorset's neighbourhoods safe

Published by George Sharpe at 4:21pm 20th June 2019. (Updated at 7:26am 21st June 2019)

Dorset Police says locals can help keep the county secure.

Dorset Police say being part of a neighbourhood watch isn't all about "being a nosey neighbour and twitching curtains".

They're highlighting the good work done by all 780 Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the county.

Examples like Syd Green from Morecombelake, they say, show how well needed schemes are.

While driving home from Bridport he spotted a fire on Hardown Hill.

He rang 999 and was told the Fire Service were already on their way. But Syd then got in touch with Neighbourhood Watch members who were most at risk and informed all of those that were at home.

He called 999 again to emphasise that the fire was a heath fire, which spreads rapidly, and that they would need special equipment to get there.

District Commander for West Dorset, Jason Rogers said: "I was extremely impressed and grateful for the local knowledge shared and proactive actions taken by the Morcombelake Neighbourhood Watch. Residents clearly take great pride in their local area and their efforts to assist Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service were much appreciated."

'Neighbourhood schemes are about community'

Dorset Police say it's not what people once thought it was; being a nosy neighbour. Taking an interest in our local communities can make a huge difference for their safety.

Elaine Ryan, Prevention Development Officer, said: "We all have busy lives these days and it's very easy after a busy day to go home, shut the door and forget about the world.

"But if you've got a Neighbourhood Watch group people are much more inclined to come together."

"There is an element of nosiness in it, but without somebody taking an interest in what's going on in their community, people who are up to no good can easily slip under the radar."

Neighbourhood Watch organisers and both police forces recommend that everyone, even if not in a Neighbourhood Watch area, sign up for free community alerts and news delivered by email, text or phone through Dorset Alert here www.dorsetalert.co.uk.