Top chef opening seafood restaurant for Weymouth

Top chef opening seafood restaurant for Weymouth

Published by Maria Greenwood at 3:24pm 21st June 2019. (Updated at 4:01pm 21st June 2019)

Fish at Mitch Tonks' "Rockfish" will all be locally sourced.

A new sustainable seafood restaurant is coming to Weymouth at what was the Dorothy Inn.

Rockfish is the creation of top chef Mitch Tonks – and promises to offer something for everyone. Opening on 8th August it promises to be ‘in between a chippie and a top-end restaurant'.

Mitch said the aim  is to be truly local: "We'll be using locally-caught fish direct from the harbour here and cooking it in the restaurant, and fish such as cod will come from a large sustainable stock in Norway, which is MSC certified. We'll be employing between 30 and 50 people, all recruited locally.

"We really want Rockfish to feel like a part of the community and are  getting involved with and donating to local charities here, such as the RNLI."

2019 Rockfish Weymouth Building Site Walk Around from Rockfish on Vimeo.

Mitch Tonks: 'Weymouth is the most perfect location'


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