New safety booklet after spearfishing tragedy

New safety booklet after spearfishing tragedy

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:13am 25th June 2019.

Andrew Scott died while spearfishing near Weymouth.

A new safety booklet's been launched in memory of man died while spearfishing near Weymouth.

27-year-old Andrew Scott drowned while taking part in the underwater activity at Ringstead Bay in July 2017.

The British Spearfishing Association (BSA) has worked with Andrew's family to release a 'Guide to Safe Spearfishing'.

BSA secretary Matt Newman said, "We were speaking to Andrew's family and they said they wanted something good to come of this.

"They have donated a lot of money and we've come together with them to produce a safety booklet that's got essential tips and hints on how to enjoy spearfishing as safely as possible.

"It's becoming more and more popular within the UK but unfortunately we don't have any safety guidelines that are documented so we thought it would be good to get something official out there.

Spearfishing is done without any oxygen tanks so people dive for fish using just goggles, a weight belt and a spear or spear gun.

"One of the big risks with spearfishing is what they call a shallow water blackout.

"Effectively you run out of oxygen, your body shuts down and you pass out.

"If you have incorrect weighting on then you can sink and you might not make it to the surface, so there is a lot to worry about," added Matt.

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The new safety guide will be launched by the BSA following a spearfishing an event at Ringstead Bay on Sunday 14th July, 2019.

Spearfishers of all abilities are being invited to meet the country's best spearfishers, dive with them and learn safe diving techniques.

Matt said, "We're hoping that the safety booklet can save people from injury or death in the future and it will be great legacy for Andrew if we can reach as many people as possible and try to make it as safe as possible."