Get sporty this summer on Weymouth Beach

Get sporty this summer on Weymouth Beach

Published by George Sharpe at 11:29am 12th July 2019. (Updated at 11:37am 12th July 2019)

They've got yoga, spin classes, beach volleyball and more at this years Weymouth Beach Summer Sports.

Weymouth Town Council's unveiling a summer programme of sport and activities for you to get involved in.

Starting from 17th July, they'll be hosting a mix of sports at the temporary 'Beach Sports Arena' on the Pavillion end of Weymouth Beach.

All events are free to watch from the temporary stands.

What's happening at Weymouth Beach Summer Sports:

Wednesday 17th July

Royal Navy Rugby Event 
Thursday 18th July Portesham School Sports day
Saturday 20th July

Day 1 of Multisports event:

Weymouth Bay Swim 1.2/ 2.4m

Beachfit Weymouth

Sunday 21st July Day 2 of Multisports event
Tuesday 23rd July 'Chance to Shine' Juniour Cricket Event
Wednesday 24th July

Royal Navy Football (8am - 4pm)

Thursday 25th July Nantes Charity Volleyball Match (6pm - 10pm)
Friday 26th July Weymouth Beach Voilleyball Classic (1pm -7pm)
Saturday 27th July

Weymouth Beach Volleyball Classic (9am - 7pm)

Sunday 28th July Weymouth Beach Volleyball Classic Finals 


You can still take part in the 'Swim the Bay' and Beachfit events. 

Weymouth Beach is the home of England's Beach Volleyball

Weymouth Beach Volleyball Classic is in it's fourth decade in Weymouth, which was the first beach in the country to host the sport 36 years ago.

Graeme Sawyer is one of the directors. He said:

"It was the first beach volleyball event in the country.  

"We saw some pictures of it in America, so we thought 'We can do that on Weymouth Beach"

"I helped out at the Beach Volleyball at the Olympics in 2012, so to take it from starting beach volleyball here and then all those years later, going to the Olympics... was quite an amazing journey."

Weymouth Beach was the first in country to host Beach volleyball

Weymouth Town Council Chairman of Services Cllr David Northam said:

"Weymouth is a fabulous destination for hosting events and festivals throughout the year. The summer sports programme on Weymouth Beach is always a great favourite, providing a unique range of sports, activities and competitions on one of the world's favourite playing surfaces."

Directors of Weymouth Beach Volleyball Classic Graeme Sawyer and Peter Bennett said:

"We are amazed and proud to be in our fourth decade for hosting the country's favourite Beach Volleyball Championships on Weymouth Beach. With the best players already signed up and fabulous support from the local club, Weymouth Town Council, The Weymouth BID and many local businesses this year promises to be one of the biggest and best ever."