Let's make Castle Cove litter free

Let's make Castle Cove litter free

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:02am 12th July 2019. (Updated at 8:23am 12th July 2019)

The Friends of Castle Cove beach in Weymouth want to make it the first litter free beach in the UK.

Trustees have come up with the idea which will see visitors take their rubbish home with them.

Access has been restored to the privately-owned beach, making it so popular, volunteers can't keep up with the amount of rubbish being generated.

Chairman of the Friends of Castle Cove Steve Elsworth said:

“The bin is currently being emptied by five volunteers, which include two pensioners and a young mum.”

“People can bring whatever they want, just as long as they take it home. Don't leave it on the beach nor leave it in the bin.

It’s hoped people will embrace the idea of it becoming totally litter free.


'Don't tell the bride'

Back in May, Trustees of Castle Cove Beach hit out at the makers of TV show, "Don't Tell The Bride."

Crews filmed an episode of the E4 programme, involving a couple's dream wedding, on the beach without permission.

Friends of Castle Cove beach asked the film crew to make sure they took their rubbish away with them, but that's not what happened.

They left behind plastic confetti which washed out to sea.

Dont tell the bride at Castle Cove beach
'Don't tell the bride' filming at Castle Cove beach

'Clean up operation' 

The beach was then cleaned up with employees from the TV company lending a hand.

After four years hard work, the steps down to the beach officially re-opened in April.