Portland Port trespassers fined

Portland Port trespassers fined

Published by George Sharpe at 12:14pm 12th July 2019.

Eleven people have been convicted of trespassing at Portland Port and ordered to pay a fine.

The group appeared before Weymouth Magistrates Court on Monday 8th July.

One defendant failed to appear and the other ten all pleaded guilty. All were found guilty and ordered to pay a fine.

Portland Port police monitor the entrance 24 hours a day
Portland Port police monitor the entrance 24 hours a day

Byelaws that criminalise trespassing have been in effect for a year today. The Port says it hopes they'll continue to deter people.

Under the byelaws, tresspassers and other offenders can be taken before the Magistrates Court and pay a fine if found guilty.

Previously, prosecutions could only be dealt with under Civil Law.

What do byelaws say about Portland Port?

Byelaws introduced last year have criminalised certain offences.

Some of the things the byelaws prohibit are:

  • Entering the premises via any means other that the entrance or exit.
  • Staying on the premises without lawful business, or written permission.
  • Bathing or swimming in the main fairways.

You can find the full byelaws and exact wording here.

Bill Reeves, Portland Port's CEO said:

"Portland Port is very lucky to have fantastic historical heritage on the port estate; however the can become dangerous places if the byelaws and general directions are ignored.

"They are in place to keep everyone safe and it is hoped that these prosecutions will cact as deterrent to people in the future."