What to do if you spot Portland's resident Dolphin

What to do if you spot Portland's resident Dolphin

Published by Maria Greenwood at 8:10am 18th July 2019. (Updated at 11:48am 18th July 2019)

'Danny the dolphin' has become a bit of a local celebrity around the Dorset coast.

He's been spotted from Portland to Poole

He first appeared around the Dorset Coast last summer, but what should you do if you spot Danny, or any other dolphin?

Portland Port and Marine Connection  say there's important advice to keep Danny and his fans safe:

  • Enjoy dolphins from a distance - if you're in a boat, try to keep 100m back.
  • Don't go out of your way to approach Danny.
  • Don't get in the water with solitary dolphins.
  • Ideally, if you're in a boat and it's safe, turn off your engine.

Liz Sandeman , co-founder of Marine Connection, a charity that protects dolphins and whales said:

"Lot's of people just have the SeaWorld mentality and when they see a dolphin they just think they can go in the water and actually interact with the animal.

"Most people do forget it's a wild animal, a wild Dolphin."

Danny the dolphin

Dolphins without a pod like Danny, are known as 'solitary' and if they spend too much time around humans, they can become too comfortable around humans, and more importantly boats.

Liz Sandeman said:

"Without question it does change the dolphin's behaviour... They lose their wariness around not only people but also boats and quite a few bottlenose dolphins in the UK have been killed."

'Is it okay to take photos?'

Marine Connection says taking photo's from a distance is fine. In fact, it can actually help them keep track of individual dolphins like Danny.

So, if you spot Danny in the ocean give him a wave... just from a distance!