White circles to appear on pavements in Bridport

White circles to appear on pavements in Bridport

Published by Maria Greenwood at 7:59am 13th August 2019. (Updated at 9:32am 13th August 2019)

Young people in Bridport will be drawing attention to the town's litter problem today.

A group of nine teenagers will be out drawing white chalk rings around dropped gum in the town.

They want to get people to think about where they drop their waste.

As part of their National Citizen's Service scheme the team decided to try to make the town litter free.

Bridport Town Centre

Tiegan Donovan, 16, is a member of the group. She says there's a problem with people dropping chewing gum on the floor:

"The birds then mistake it for something that could be eaten so they start pecking at it. 

"So we're not saying 'no gum', we're saying 'please put your gum in a bin, instead of on the floor".

chewing gum on the road
Chewing gum dropped on the floor

They're calling themselves Bridport VS Plastic but they don't want to do all the work themselves. They're hoping to inspire people to make a change.

"Our plan long term is to have a lot more people helping us prevent plastic being left on the street or spitting gum.

"We're going to work with Litter Free Dorset to set up a 'gum drop' so rather than people spitting gum onto the floor they put it in a box."