Victims of domestic abuse to get dedicated caseworkers

Victims of domestic abuse to get dedicated caseworkers

Published by Maria Greenwood at 10:20am 13th August 2019.

Victim Support has won a £1.6M contract to help the county's victims of crime.

It's been awarded to them by the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner in Dorset.

They have been recommissioned to run the service for another 3 years.

Victim Support will continue to provide practical and emotional help to people affected by crime and traumatic events.

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Victim Support will also now provide an enhanced service for victims of domestic abuse, which will include support from a dedicated caseworker, over the phone or in person, for as long as they need. 

Although the charity has provided support to domestic abuse victims in Dorset previously, they will now have a larger team dedicated to working specifically with people affected by this crime. 

'Victims of crime have praised the support they have received from the charity'

"My caseworker was very helpful. She gave me her office phone number, and I felt more connected. I felt I could reach someone who understood my situation, meaning I didn't have to revisit it whilst explaining to someone else. She helped me rationalise my thoughts."

"My support worker was amazing. He called every time he said he would and really went the extra mile for me. He didn't rush any conversations and spent plenty of time with me."

"Victim Support have been great - I couldn't have got through it without them."

Martyn Underhill
Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner, Martyn Underhill said, "I know that being a victim of crime is an incredibly traumatic experience, which is why I have made supporting victims one of my main priorities for Dorset. "

"I was particularly keen to make sure those affected by domestic abuse are able to get the best support possible and I'm proud to see a specialist team dedicated to helping those affected by this pernicious crime," continued Martyn.

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Mark Thompson, Contract Manager for Victim Support in Dorset, said: 

"We're delighted to have been awarded both contracts to provide support services to victims of crime in Dorset, including a specialist service those suffering domestic abuse. 

"We'll be establishing new group support sessions for domestic abuse victims and setting up drop in services across the county to ensure support is accessible for all and we're excited about the prospect of working hand in hand with victims over the next three years."

'How to get help'

Anyone who has been affected by crime and wants support should contact the victim care team on 0300 3030 163. Lines are open Monday to Friday 9am-6.30pm but anyone who needs support outside of these hours can call the charity's Supportline for free on 0808 16 89 111 or request support online.