Can you help the Weymouth Baby Bank?

Can you help the Weymouth Baby Bank?

Published by Maria Greenwood at 11:29am 13th August 2019.

The Weymouth baby Bank is for mums and dads who are experiencing hardship.

Volunteers are collecting donations of clothes, toys and nappies which they'll give to parents who are struggling.

Shelby Francis and Julie Hope are behind the idea.

Photo of child playing

In a statement on their Facebook Page they say:

"This group is set up to help people who are suffering genuine hardships. 

"All of us mums and dads have excess clothes, toys and nappies etc so let's pass them on to someone who genuinely needs them in sized and sexed hampers. 

"We will also be approaching local shops for donations and are also hoping to work along side social services, health visitors and woman's aid regarding referrals."